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FAQ - Tanme | Organic Spray Tanning



Who is Eco Tan certified by?

Eco Tan ingredients are certified by the Organic Food Chain under the Australian Governments organic and bio dynamic standards. Australian Certifiers have the highest and strictest standards in the world – allowing no GMO or synthetics through when certifying a product. Eco Tan is also certified toxin free by Safe Cosmetics Australia.

Is Eco Tan Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free?

The Eco Tan tanning and body care range is 100% vegan friendly and the sunscreen range is 100% vegetarian. The wheat in the professional solutions is gluten free as it is a derivative of wheat and does not contain the gluten protein. The products are gluten free.

Are Eco Tan products tested on animals?

No. The range is cruelty free, so no animals are harmed or tested on.

Why am I patchy?

This can occur if you haven’t exfoliated properly prior to your tan, pregnant, medication, hormonal imbalance, pigmentation, have sweated or come into contact with liquid prior to washing off your tan.

Is it safe to use Eco Tan products during pregnancy?

The Eco Tan products contain nothing synthetic or artificial and are therefore perfectly safe for pregnant women, however as a precaution I would suggest getting permission from your GP. For women who are breastfeeding, please ensure your nipples are wiped over before breastfeeding, or alternatively advise me and I will provide cotton pads to cover your nipples during your spray tan.

I have sensitive skin; can I still be sprayed?

If you have eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis it is best to patch test the skin. If the skin has no reaction within 24 hours, the spray tan may go ahead.

Do I have to take all my clothes off?

Absolutely not. You need to feel comfortable and can choose to wear bathers, underwear, G-string or you can go completely naked if you prefer. TANme can provide you with a disposable G-string and hair net at your appointment for your convenience.

During my shower, I have noticed some of the colour washing off?

This is fine and completely normal, the excess colour that is washing away is just the bronzer.

After being sprayed, do I still need to wear sunscreen?

Yes! Tanning solution does not contain sunscreen.

Will tanning solutions stain my clothes? What should I wear after my tanning session?

I suggest loose dark coloured cotton fabrics as the bronzer will wash out easily from cotton. It is preferred for females to go braless if possible immediately after the spray tan to avoid the bra rubbing against the skin and removing the tan.

Can I wear make-up straight after my tan?

Wearing make-up is fine, however you should not wash your face or apply make-up or moisturiser prior to washing off your tan as water stops the development process. Make-up applied before the tanning session will act as a barrier so it is likely that the tan on your face may be slightly lighter than the rest of your body.

I frequently go swimming; will this affect my tan?

Yes, swimming in chlorine water or salt water will cause the tan to fade in colour.

Can I shave/wax my legs/body parts before or after the tan application?

We would advise you to shave/wax at least 8 hours prior to your spray tan.

How long does a spray tan take to apply?

A spray tan usually takes only 10-15 minutes to apply. The tan continues to develop over a period of 2-3 hours. After this time you can shower off the bronzer leaving you with a beautiful natural looking tan.