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Male Spray Tanning - TANme


Male Spray Tanning

Male Spray TanningAn increasing number of men have now realised that spray tans can give them a healthy look and increased confidence. Muscles are defined with tanning and it brings out your features as well as brightening your complexion. You are left looking and feeling fitter than ever before. In addition to this, a ‘man tan’ allows you to feel healthy without exposing your skin to the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

Ready to jump on board the male spray tanning bandwagon? Follow my tips below to achieve the best ‘man tan’ possible…

Pre-Tan Client Care

· Men should shave their face 24 hours before their appointment, as shaving after your tanning treatment will act as an exfoliator and remove the colour.

· Do not use deodorant or moisturiser on the day of tanning.

· Prepare the skin by exfoliating your skin 1-2 days prior to tan application. This will remove dead skin cells from the body – I recommend Eco Tan Pink Himalaya Salt Scrub (borrow your girlfriends if you need to)

· Wash time is dependent on skin type, desired results & solution used: New Rich Honey Solution: 2+ hours or TWO Solution: 2 hours, I will advise you on the day of your spray tan application.

· Once you wash off your tan the colour may not appear to be very dark. Please keep in mind that your tan will continue to develop for up to 48 hours into a rich deep tan.

Post-Tan Client Care

· Relax and enjoy, knowing that you are using a product that ONLY CONTAINS organic and natural ingredients.

· Avoid long hot baths, swimming, saunas and excessive sweating as this will affect the life of your tan.

· Wash with Eco Tan’s no stripping wash.

· Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

· Moisturise your skin daily – I recommend Eco Tan the Eco Tan Gradual Tan to maintain consistent color in the skin.

· Eco Tan will nourish your skin and will fade away in approx. 7-12 days when maintained as above.

· You will instantly feel amazing and be left looking more toned and healthy. The power of your ‘man tan’ will never be doubted once the compliments start rolling in!